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1bruce1's Journal

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Elizabeth and Jessica are better than you.
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I realized that an excellent way to misspend the summer before my wedding would be rereading and snarking on the Sweet Valley High books I have stashed in my closet. I got married in September of 2007, and the community is still going strong. Any Sweet Valley books are fair game, so if you have any books series, we'd love recaps of those too. Everyone is welcome, and all members can make and reply to posts. Dig out your old Sweet Valley novels (or keep an eye out at the used bookstore) and join in! - irinaauthor

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List of Completed Book Recaps

Non-Book Recaps
Sweet Valley High TV Series Recaps
Episode 1.1: "Dangerous Love" Recap One; Recap Two; Recap Three
Episode 1.2: "Oracle on Air"; Recap Two
Episode 1.3: "Skin and Bones"; Recap Two
Episode 1.4: "Critical Mess"
Episode 1.5: "What, Me Study?"
Episode 1.6: "Almost Married"
Episode 1.7: "The Curse of Lawrence Mason"
Episode 1.8: "The Prince of Santa Dora"
Episode 1.9: "Coma"
Episode 1.10: "Uh-Oh Steven"
Episode 1.12: "Photographic Evidence" Recap One; Recap Two
Episode 1.13: "Club X"
Episode 1.14: "Poetic Injustice"
Episode 1.15: "Stolen Diary"
Episode 1.16: "Love on the Line"; Recap Two
Episode 1.17: "Working Girls"
Episode 1.18: "Dancin' Fools"
Episode 1.19: "Kidnapped Part 1"
Episode 1.20: "Kidnapped Part 2"
Episode 1.21: "Kidnapped Part 3"
Episode 1.22: "Say Goodbye"
Episode 2.1: "Summer Lovin'"
Episode 2.2: "Model Behavior"
Episode 2.3: "Promotional Rescue"
Episode 2.4: "Dark Side of the Moon Beach"
Episode 2.5: "IQ Cometh"
Episode 2.6: "False Possessions"
Episode 2.7: "A Fair To Remember"
Episode 2.8: "It's My Party and I'll Ditch It If I Want To"
Episode 2.9: "Blunder Alley"
Episode 2.10: "Like Water for Hot Dogs"
Episode 2.11: "The Quick and the Blonde"
Episode 2.12: "Mixed Doubles"
Episode 2.13: "Reading, Writing, Rescue"
Episode 2.14: "War of the Pom-Poms"
Episode 2.16: Sam Enchanted Evening
Episode 2.20: "One Big Mesa"
SVH TV Series Original Soundtrack
TV Novelization #2: Twin Hearts

Sweet Valley High Board Game
Campus Cool Dolls Mini-Books: Jessica's Story and Elizabeth's Story
Prom Perfect Dolls Mini-Book: Moonlight & Roses

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