ultimate_cin (ultimate_cin) wrote in 1bruce1,

Looking for the following as e-books

Does anyone have the following SVH books as e-books?
#103: Operation Love Match, #111: A Deadly Christmas, #116:Nightmare in Death Valley, #120: In Love with the Enemy, #125: Camp Killer
Super Editions:
Perfect Summer, Special Christmas, Spring Break, Malibu Summer, Winter Carnival, Spring Fever, Falling for Lucas, Jessica Takes Manhattan, Mystery Date, Last Wish, Earthquake, Aftershock
Super Thrillers:
Double Jeopardy, On the Run, No Place to Hide, Deadly Summer, Murder on the Line, Murder in Paradise, A Stranger in the House, A Killer on Board, R for Revenge
Super Stars:
Lila's Story, Bruce's Story, Enid's Story, Olivia's Story, Todd's Story, A Night to Remember, Elizabeth's Secret Diary I-III, Jessica's Secret Diary I-III, Return of the Evil Twin

I have all of the rest if anyone wants to trade.

Also looking for any of the Sweet Valley University books as e-books as well.

Tags: #103, #111, #116, #120, #125, non-recap post, requests, svh, svu

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