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The TV series

I know this place is dead but...
I've so enjoyed this place as a refuge from the real world in the past years and didn't find it until long after it had tapered off.  @Skittlebox, @Hellobrisvegas and others did such a nice job of recapping the TV series that I had no real recollection of so recently I dove into it on youtube.  My older siblings loved this show but it was a bit before my time, and I'm getting random "OMG I REMEMER THAT" pings but for the most part I'm laughing so hard at some of the eps, not because they're bad (sometimes they really are) but because they're just so damn CRAZY.   Some are, as the recappers stated, legit funny.  I'm watching one right now and am laughing so hard at the shenanigans.

We here are dealing with some pet issues (end of life, sicknesses, multiple vet trips, etc.) and visiting these episodes I barely remember if at all has been some really weird therapy in a form of really fuzzy nostalgia from remembering various stuff from my siblings watching this show and just laughing so hard at the damn cheesy-ness.  Some of the acting along the way is pretty good and even if it's not, it can still deliver some hilarity.

If anyone out there is a pet owner who has needed a lift when it comes to their pets illnesses and needing a "Get away" from those illnesses, they'll know what I mean when I say this random stuff is so appeciated.  It was the death of a close family member that made me pick pick up "The Evil Twin" and remember all that insane Margo shit that brought me back into the SVH world simply as a form of comfort "from the old days".

If it weren't for this community, I would have never found nor thought of those episodes of SVH to make me laugh now.

I hate that I didn't find this community until SVH was "no longer a thing".  =(

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