cordys_charisma (cordys_charisma) wrote in 1bruce1,

svh imitates life imitates....

hi y'all
has it ever happened to you? did your best friend just buy herself a lime green triumph? did annie and cheryl just move in next door to you?

i just had to share this with people who would understand.....

remember in

SVH #102 - Almost Married

when Todd and Liz went to the laundromat? and Todd put too much soap in the machine and it overflowed?
this exact thing happened to me last week
now when life imitates SVH who do you  guys tell? my family will no longer listen. for e.g. when the washing machine overflowed soap........

me - hey mm guess what? the washing machine is overflowing, soap suds are all over the floor!
mm - omg do something ! get a mop !
me - no  you  don't understand! this happened to Tood and Liz in -
mm - oh no. not more sweet valley high ! stop, i don't want to know!
Tags: non-book recap, non-recap post, saint elizabeth of sweet valley, svh, sweet valley high, trusty boyfriend todd

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