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Francine Pascal Online Interview

Our website, SV Unlimited, just had an online interview w/ Francine Pascal! Our interview was only limited to 8 questions because Ann-Marie of St. Martin's Press told us that Ms. Francine will be busy in the next few weeks and we have to decide what questions that we really want to have answered. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to ask more about Sweet Valley Confidential (bummer) and we asked about the rest of SV instead......

1. What was your favorite book to write within the Sweet Valley > series; have you read them all?

My favorite books are the Prom Miniseries and The Evil Twin. However, I truly do love all of the books because each story has something unique. It’s all these years later and I sometimes think about the plots I’ve written and remember the excitement of coming up with a good one. Another I loved is when Elizabeth lost her memory from a blow on the head and woke up more Jessica than Jessica which only shows that we all have a bit of Jessica in us. Even perfect people like Elizabeth.

2. Did you take your characters down any roads that you wish you hadn't? Such as characters being killed off that you wish were still around, or putting the characters in certain situations that really changed the arc of their stories in ways you wish you could change now?

I certainly don’t have any regrets. I believe that all of the SV characters had something to offer, whether it be a lesson learned or an unsettling moral dilemma. Fans were really able to identify themselves with these characters. Unfortunately, young people are not immune from tragedy; they have to deal with all the joys as well as agonies of life. Heartache and love are prevalent in teenagers’ lives but they also deal with bigger issues like illnesses and death. I wanted the series to have more reality without losing the fantasy. I wouldn’t change a thing!

3. Who is your favorite Sweet Valley character & couple?

It would be so hard for me to choose just one because the beauty of having created twins is that I loved them both equally in different ways; however, I would say that I am more of an Elizabeth with some bad Jessica tendencies. I definitely have the same morals and work ethic that Elizabeth does, and we are similar in a lot of other important ways, so she might be my favorite. My favorite couple is easy: Elizabeth and Todd- they are the perfect couple and wow are they good looking!

4. What did you think about the overall tone of the SVH TV series and about the actors who portrayed the roles of the characters you created, primarily the Daniel twins?

I thought the casting was close to perfect. The Daniel twins were amazing and we are so lucky to have found them. It was actually my eldest daughter Jamie who discovered them. We couldn’t have asked for better actors… it was as if the Daniel twins were made to be Liz and Jess! But I thought it was too cartoonish. I wanted more heart and truth, but unfortunately, they didn’t listen to me. Though I certainly told them many times. I was Story Consultant, but it turned out to be in name only. With heart, that series could have been 90210 before 90210 even happened.

5. We heard you were consulted in regards to the SVH Movie - What have been the developments of the movie so far and what can we expect from it?

So far my contribution was to keep it in the eighties. And that’s what’s happening. We are in the early stages of a Sweet Valley High movie. The talented and inspired Diablo Cody is writing the screenplay and she is a big fan of the series so it should be great!

6. Any idea as to whom you'd think would be the perfect to play the roles of Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield for the movie?

The tough thing about casting will be finding real twins who really resemble the characters of Liz and Jess. There is a lot of talent out there, so I’m sure we’ll find what we’re looking for! Then there’s also the possibility of using one actor to play both parts ala Parent Trap.

7. Will there be any chance of us fans seeing the remaining 3 seasons (2-4) on DVD release? If so, would there be any chance of additional bonus footage?

Perhaps, it Sweet Valley hits again, they may make a DVD.

8. Are there any plans of turning any of the other spin-off series’ in to shows, or even an animated TV show?

Not at the moment.


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