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SVH TV: Season 2, Episode 8: It's My Party and I'll Ditch It If I Want To

Synopsis: Jessica bows out of the annual Wakefield sleepover, preferring to attend dinner with Bruce and his Harvard friends

The Wakefield twins are really still 12 years old. Why? They have ANNUAL SLEEPOVERS. They have even named it: The Annual Wakefield Slumber Party. The guest list is SRS BSNS, and Elizabeth pains over it in the Wakefield's loungeroom. Jessica has been working on Truth or Dare questions. She holds a grudge against Lila whose dare Jessica had accepted last year.

Jessica: It's taken me a year to get the delicate balance between minor embarrassment and utter humiliation.

I got excited for a moment seeing someone in the kitchen and I thought OMG IT'S A PARENT but then Enid came out. Phooey. She comes out while the twins are discussing expenses. Jessica wants to buy pizza, a barbecue and Chinese. Elizabeth wants to keep it simple because they also need to buy decorations, invitations and party games. Next on the list of things to do is arrange a group of boys to invade the party, but unfortunately for Jessica, the football team is playing an away game over the weekend. NOW WHO WILL COME?!

At school, Manny and Winston are speaking over walky-talkies about "Operation Sleeping Beauties" and it's their duty to crash while the football team is away. They need to find other boys to join them though, first.

Elizabeth is telling Lila and Cheryl about the party, but Lila thinks sleepovers are totally uncool. That is, until Cheryl says how awesome they are, and that's what Lila really meant to say! Bruce comes out of a nearby classroom and starts following Jessica. One his cousins from Harvard is having a dinner party on the weekend with friends, and Bruce needs a date because the one he lined up cancelled, so he's hoping Jessica will agree to come. But Jessica Wakefield is nobody's backup, and she has plans! Until Enid runs by...

Enid: Hey Jess my mum lent me some cool gowns from the 50s so we can play dressup at your slumber party!!!

Bruce snarks that eating raw cookie dough with the girls does not compare to a cool adult party.

Winston and Manny and a bunch of nerdy looking guys are in a darkened classroom watching slides featuring the Wakefields and their house. All the guys whoop and cheer when a picture of the twins are displayed. Winston pumps them up by saying that the football team and Todd Wilkins are out of town and so it's THEIR duty to provide the "masculine presence". I love how Todd gets his own "category". I mean.. surely there are other guys away too, right?!

Winston: Our plan is to enter through one of the twelve accessible windows, confiscate the food supply and annihilate the enemy with state of the art water projectiles.

The meeting ends when a picture of Winston sitting on Santa's knee shows up amongst the slides.

The fashionable girls of SVH (ie. Jessica, Lila and Cheryl) are at Moon Beach discussing culture. Cheryl and Lila discuss how awesome NYC is in the winter, and all the shows they've seen and museums they've visited. Lila cracks that Jessica has box tickets to see Snoopy on Ice. Elizabeth storms in wondering what Jessica has been up to. She and Enid had been waiting for over an hour at the party store!! But Jessica was too tired from rollerblading and had dropped Elizabeth's (huge and chunky XD) walkman on the boardwalk.

Elizabeth: Jess, when are you going to stop acting like a two year old?!
Jessica: Hey, I'm just as old as you are.

Jessica calls the slumber party stupid and Elizabeth is all rah rah rah you should have said so rah rah rah. Bruce and a couple of his buddies are sitting across from them at the counter and snicker at Jessica being cranky and "missing her nap time".

Back at the Wakefield's house, Enid and Elizabeth go through their checklist marking off the games and movies. At a closed Moon Beach, the boys are wearing camo gear and are also marking off their own checklist for their "weapons".

It's Saturday night already and Jessica is nowhere to be found when the party is about to begin. Elizabeth is about to go upstairs to talk to her when the doorbell rings and a bunch of girls come in. Lila parades around boasting how she's bought essentials such as seaweed wraps and other... stuff. Enid hands her a clipboard to show that everything is already organised, but Lila starts crossing things out, such as playing Operation and roasting marshmallows.

Jessica comes downstairs, all dressed up and Elizabeth is all rah rah why are you wearing a dress rah rah. Jessica opens the front door to let Bruce in and he greets the girls.

Bruce: Lila... what time is the pillowfight?
Enid: *looks at her clipboard* 9.45!

After Jess leaves, the sleepover turns into an emo club. Elizabeth sulks about how dare Jessica do that to her. Enid tells Liz that they don't need Jessica to have a good time. We've got twister!. Meanwhile, the boys synchronise their watches and prepare for Operation Ambush outside the Wakefield's house.

Cue up montage time of the girls playing Twister, and the boys trying to figure out how to get inside. Lila starts hiding some of the more "lamer" items for the party, such as Operation and a bunch of CDs. Later on Enid looks for the CDs and they're Barry Manilow albums :|

Enid checks over her notes and blows a whistle. It's time for Charades! Cheryl goes first. She makes motions of one of those old movie cameras with a winder thing. Enid starts yelling out weird things, such as titles of Michael Jackson songs, and "Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the Old Oak Tree".

Elizabeth guesses "movie". Of course she's right. It has two words, but Enid mistakes the "two" as being a "V" so she starts yelling out movie titles that begin with V. Lila ends up guessing the right movie (it was the Fugitive). Now it's Enid's turn. She starts rubbing at her ear, so Elizabeth yells out "a song!", but no Enid is just itchy. She starts acting out the words, but no one has a clue of what she's doing.

At Bruce's dinner party, the others start ordering alcoholic drinks. The waitress informs them that she needs to see ID from them all, and if any of them, even one, is underage, none of them can have alcohol. Bruce gives Jessica a look, like it's all her fault, and I'm like wtf, Bruce would be underage too AND WOULDN'T HIS COUSIN KNOW THAT.

Enid is still going with her Charade and the rest of the girls are starting to get bored with guessing. Enid's doing all these random motions and Cheryl finally guesses "the" ... which is right :| Now it's the second word. The scene fades in and out to show some lapse of time and the girls have pretty much fallen asleep, but Enid's still going. Lila guesses "Clueless". Ha.

Elizabeth: Enid, we give up.
Enid: Duh, The Piano!

The boys are still outside, and are planning on Plan E, which is to smoke the girls out. Winston pulls the pin on the smoke thingy which he's then going to poke through the mail slot except... there is no mail slot. The smoke thing then explodes in Winston's hand and dispels smoke everywhere.

The girls are now onto Truth or Dare and Liz picks Truth.

Cheryl: If you had to be stranded on a desert island with ANY teacher, who would it be?
Elizabeth: *looks sheepish* Mr Collins
Enid: Is that why you're always working overtime at The Oracle?!
Liz: No!!

The waitress brings out a bunch of Cokes (or Pepsi, or Dr Pepper!) for the Mature Dinner Party. Jessica keeps screwing up the stuff she knows and the rest of the table laughs at her (like.. she asks if they know Phil's Harmonica).

Bruce: So Jess, aren't you glad you ditched your slumber party?
Jessica: Couldn't be happier.
Bitch: Slumber Party?! How quaint! Who's the caterer? Chucky Cheese?

The girls are still playing Truth or Dare, and it's Lila's turn. Truth.

Elizabeth: What was your most embarrassing moment?
Lila: When Bruce saw me at Tres Chi Chi on a blind date. Ok! So the guy was wearing a plaid polyester jacket! Satisfied?! My turn. Enid. Truth or Dare?
Enid: Truth.
Lila: How far did you go with Jay O'Connor?
Enid: ...just to the mall!

The boys are out of plans. One of them suggests to just ring the doorbell. Instead, they decide to use a ladder to climb to the second floor just in case Liz's window is open. I wonder why they think Liz's would be open, and don't suggest Jessica's. Winston climbs up the ladder and then knocks it over as he reaches the next floor and he's left dangling from the edge of the balcony. The other guys have already run off to get into water balloon throwing position.

Inside, Cheryl is singing with a bowl of fruit on her head. Lila takes a couple of photos "for the yearbook". Winston manages to get himself onto the balcony but struggles getting the window open. In the kitchen, the girls are crowding around Lila and watching as she drops stuff down another girls nightie o_O Cheryl and Liz decide that they have to teach Lila a lesson.

At the Mature Dinner Party, the college folk leave the table to raid the seafood bar. Jessica and Bruce stay seated and talk.

Bruce: You hate this as much as I do, don't you?
Jessica; What makes you say that?
Bruce: You just built the Eiffel Tower out of sugar cubes. C'mon, let's get out of here.
Jessica: Well. If you insist!

The girls are still playing Truth or Dare, and Cheryl asks Lila.

Enid: Ohh ask her if it's her real...
Lila: DARE!
Ceryl: I dare you to run down the street to mail a letter.
Lila: No problemo!
Cheryl: In a towel.

Winston is still stuck on the balcony and calls out to the guys to help him get down but they're not around. Lila walks out in a towel just as Bruce and Jessica arrive. Lila screams from the front yard and runs back inside. The boys come in after her and the girls cheer them in. Winston is still stuck upstairs, outside Liz's window. Lila runs into Liz's room and shuts the door behind her only to turn and see Winston staring back in. They both scream.

Everyone is dancing around the house, and I wonder where the Wakefield parents are to let a bunch of girls in their nightgowns dance around the house with a bunch of boys unsupervised :| Elizabeth confronts Jessica about her date and Jess bullshits about how wonderful it was and that she and the college people had a lot in common. Bruce comes up behind them and blows Jess's lie, saying he's glad they ditched the bores and he was sure Jessica was going to fall asleep. The twins make up and Jessica has once again learned a Valuable Life Lesson.

Someone yells out "Hey, where's Winston?!" but he's still stuck up on the balcony. There's a flash of lightning and rain starts to fall but no one hears his cries :(
Tags: bad parenting, bruce patman, enid "alex" rollins, i declare shenanigans, manuel lopez, miss lila fowler, mr. collins if you're nasty, party!, saint elizabeth of sweet valley, some people never learn, strange view of new york, tv show, tv show recap, underage drinking, winston egbert

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