April 5th, 2011

#16 The Other Woman

Alright, I've been lurking on this community for a good wee while now and, seeing as I own every single SVU book, I thought I may as well get down to recapping one. Without further ado I give you the second book in a three-story 'Jessica bangs her professor and gets in trouble' arc: #16, The Other Woman.

Firstly, the cover:

Jessica is wearing a weirdly low-cut top. I like how the guy playing Louis is wearing a tweed blazer (look at those elbows!) which is clearly far too big for him. Also, if he teaches Medieval History why does he need a globe in his office?
Anyway, on with the recap!Collapse )

Jessica's Top Worst Moments

So, I don't know about y'all, but when I read about what Jessica did to alienate Elizabeth in SVC, I was disappointed. I haven't read the book yet (the local Borders is slow and very disappointing!), but still.  Anyway, in honor of the new book being out, I suggest we Top Ten - yes, it's a verb now - Jessica's Worst Moments. Because surely all of these are worse!

[Disclaimer: I didn't have the original list I worked out before when I typed this tonight, so some may be out of order. Tried to remember as best as I could, though.]

10.  Outing Enid's drug past just to win Homecoming Queen in SVH #2, Secrets.  We all have stuff in our past we'd like kept secret.  Some of us have more sordid stories.  What hell could be worse for a teenager than having it broadcast all over school just for the sake of some popular girl wearing a paper crown?

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What's shocking is that after all this, we still love the little sociopath. I know I still do, anyway. ;-)

So what about y'all? What would be on your lists? (And may I suggest we do Top Tens with other things? This was fun!)