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June 7th, 2010 - Elizabeth and Jessica are better than you. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Elizabeth and Jessica are better than you.

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June 7th, 2010

SVH TV Episode 2.20: One Big Mesa [Jun. 7th, 2010|07:43 pm]
Elizabeth and Jessica are better than you.


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[Current Music |"Dude Looks Like A Lady" -- Aerosmith]

Once again, I'm shaking up the episode order of SVH TV, but this time I have the best reason ever. I noticed that a number of you were quite upset at the way the TV series handled the cheerleading book arc last time, especially the lack of cross-dressing and the brunette Ken. While it looks like they're not going to rectify the brunette Ken situation, the boys-dressing-like-cheerleaders storyline is well and truly alive. And there's a cameo from a Power Ranger. Not even kidding. I have come across an episode so amazing, it needs to jump the queue. If this was Springfield, it'd be principal of the queue. Prepare yourself for the greatest greatness you ever did see.


Get ready to have your minds blown and your sex drives shut down completely.Collapse )
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