December 27th, 2009

SVH (Sweet Valley High)
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Sweet Valley Kids #15: Fearless Elizabeth

I can't find an image of it but Elizabeth is on the cover of this book with a soccer/football ball. I'd like to point out how many sports Elizabeth and Jessica seem to play for one book and then never do again. There was a softball team in SVT and cross country running in SVJK and volleyball in Team Sweet Valley. I mean, if Liz was a good soccer player how come she didn't have more in common with Jeffrey French?

Also, I'd like to further point out that Liz's top is tucked into her gym shorts. That's just... not a good look on anyone. I think that deserves a penalty of some sort.

The back of the book tells me that Liz is goalie and she got hit with a ball and now she's afraid of being goalie. Dear Lord, please let Liz get hit in the head/face/anywhere really during the course of the book. I swear I won't ask for anything else for Christmas. Amen.

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