November 29th, 2009


Admin Post

Hello all!

There have been a ton of new 1bruce1 members lately, so esc_key and I wanted to drop you a quick note.

First off, hi! I'm irinaauthor, and Em and I are your friendly neighborhood mods. We're thrilled to pieces that you're here and we're pretty easygoing; there are just a few rules.

First, all members can make and reply to posts, so jump in anytime. All we ask, beyond doing a normal spelling and grammar check (no netspeak allowed), is that you not split a recap into multiple posts unless it's a super edition book, and put your recaps behind an LJ cut.

You can always see a running list of which books have been recapped on our profile page, if you'd like to read the recaps in number order.

Also, we have a request post where you can ask for books you'd like to see written up. If you have a bunch of Sweet Valley books and can't decide which one to recap, the request post could help you narrow it down.

If you're working on a recap, please give people a heads up here. It's okay if more than one person is recapping the same book; this is just so everybody knows what's in the pipeline. It's completely okay if we have more than one recap of a book. We all know there's more than enough mockable material to go around.

These posts are also linked from the profile page, to keep things easy to find.

In general, please only post recaps, funny SV-related things (ex. The "Mr. Collins if You're Nasty Day Planner" - we loved that post), news, etc. Please do not post random things that are only tangentially related to Sweet Valley. If you are unsure if a post is okay or not, feel free to send a message to Em or me. It never hurts to ask!

You can contact us anytime if you have any questions.