November 20th, 2009

shag me jack

gimme a J-E-S-S-I-C-A wats it spell? sociopath!

Today i was re-reading that awesome slice of literature #4 power play and who better to share but with u guys:) with these choice quotes below i invite you all to share our favorite quotes and/or memories of our favourite sociopath, Jessica Wakefield.

from magic vodka to cheerleader- sabotage- leading- to- suicide attempts *, Jess - you rock our world. so join in and share with us the best Jess monents....

to kick it off in the style of Kenny Matthews, i bring you direct quotes from #4 power play (original circa 1983 1bruce1 version)

Robin - Liz dont try to protect her. You dont understand that scheming sister of yours. you just dont want to face up to what kind of person Jessica really is.

Jess - I think a girl can be friendly and nice to several boys. i do it for team spirit. Every one of them appreciates it too!

I'm sure they do Jess:)

* just wanna be clear i am not meaning to be offensive here (just a reference to #10 wrong kind of girl where jess was mean to annie whitman)to people who are sensitive to issue of suicide. personal experience - tried it, been there. no offence meant y'all:)