November 14th, 2009

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Google Books has SVH

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Um, hi everyone. :)

I found out while Googling "Francine Pascal" that some of the early books which were reprinted are showing up as Google Books results. So you, too, can see Jessica moaning about the zit that ate Sweet Valley in Double love on your web browser. :)

Aside: I was actually trying to find the Fearless books and couldn't remember the name so I was Googling her name to see if maybe they'd come up. I ended up running a search on and then I remembered. :)
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Prince Albert In A Can

Hi y'all!
this weekend i have been re-reading SVH - the boyfriend war, Deceptions, Dangerous Love etc and now i'm re-reading #33 Starting Over wherein Jess and Liz get Prince Albert.

So a question - what happened to him? i have this feeling that he 'ran away' in Aftershock or Earthquake but i cant recall.

Anyone remember?

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SVH (Sweet Valley High)
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Sweet Valley Kids #14: Jessica the Baby-Sitter

Sweet Valley Kids #14: Jessica the Baby-Sitter.

Small version of the cover can be found here. It looks like Liz and Jess just had a baby and Liz is the proud father.

If the first thought you have upon seeing the title is, “What the fuck?! Who would let Jessica watch their kids?” You’re having the proper response. Thankfully, Jessica never actually babysits anyone in this book, so the title is slightly misleading. I think they're just trying to trademark infringe that other book series.

The back of the book tells me that for some reason Liz and Jess think that Alice is pregnant. For some reason, I find this ridiculous. I guess I assume that if Ned’s general incompetence as a father and a lawyer is any indication, it’s probably total luck that he managed to knock Alice up twice. Three times would just be improbable.

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