November 7th, 2009


1BRUCE1 in Marie Claire!

How cool! Thanks to esc_key's eagle-eyed sister, we found out yesterday that 1BRUCE1 is in the December 2009 issue of Marie Claire! We're in a list of the 15 best websites for wasting time!

Jessica and Heather from The Fug Blog also mention a bunch of other sites I love, like Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and Alinea at Home!

Here's a scan of the article on the Smart Bitches site, in case you're interested in diversifying your time-wasting. Thanks, Jessica, Heather, and Marie Claire! We're so excited!
Narnia - Edmund (dawn treader scan)

SVT Super Edition #12: Goodbye, Middle School!

Sorry that it’s a photo, not a scan, so it's kinda blurry. I haven’t put ink in my printer for over a year, and my scanner has gone on a sympathy strike.

This cover is mostly bad, except for Todd. One arm draped over Elizabeth and the other ending in a closed fist. Has he ever been summarised so succinctly? I bet he punched everybody in the room seconds after this was taken.

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