November 6th, 2009

zooey lights

SVU Thriller: Don't Answer the Phone

If the cover is any indication, Enid’s name-change came with a complimentary face-transplant. Maybe she went back to Dr.Muleface of "SVH: Murder in Paradise" after all. Now she’s a brunette with questionable taste in jewelry and over-tweezed eyebrows. But what would the old Enid think? What would the “Ask Enid” column in a 1950’s lady’s magazine think? Let’s find out.

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Strange view of the States?

So, I've been perusing the 'strange view of Europe' tag. Utter hilarity. I know that there's a strange view of new york' tag, but I have to know this...

For the people not living in the States? Did reading the Sweet Valley books give you crazy stereotypes Of the US?

I know I got some strange ideas about France and wanbted to see if it went both ways!