October 24th, 2009

SVH (Sweet Valley High)
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Sweet Valley Kids #11: Crybaby Lois

Sweet Valley Kids #11: Crybaby Lois

As you know, Lois Waller is fat. Terribly, terribly fat. But did you also know that she’s a crybaby? Apparently it is so, because this book is called “Crybaby Lois.” I don’t know why the denizens of Sweet Valley don’t run her out of town. God.

Actually, Lois doesn’t look that fat on the cover to me. Sure she’s rocking an sweatshirt with hearts on it but I had a sweatshirt with teddy bears on it that I loved so who am I to hate? And it doesn’t look any worse than Liz’s mom jeans. Geez.

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SVJH #20 - Wild Child

I confess, at the age of eight/nine, I thought that those flower clips in Larissa's hair were the height of cool. How naive I was.

(By the way, this is like the fifth SVJH book to be published in 2000, and I'm pretty sure the Senior Year series was being published around this time too. They really churned them out, didn't they?)

BUT FIRST! A completely unrelated story! So, okay, we're studying The Great Gatsby in American Prose and we just finished it up, so we started watching the movies. My teacher showed a few scenes from the 1970s one, with Robert Redford as Gatsby, and I SQUEAKED and was like, "So that's what Mr. Collins looks like!" And nobody in my class got what I meant because they suck. Okay, anyway. ONTO THE ACTUAL BOOK.

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