October 17th, 2009

zooey lights

Diablo Cody article recap

Diablo Cody discusses acquiring the rights to SVH in her most recent column in The Oracle Entertainment Page Entertainment Weekly. Do you have neither the time nor the word-recognition skills to read it? I come baring recap:

The headline claims that you will learn about how Ms. Cody turned an "obsession with SVH books into a movie deal," and yet, we get none of that... It actually just tells you that
a. By "obsession," they mean that Diablo has liked SVH since she was a kid! (Unlike all of us Johnny-Come-Latelies to the series);
b. Liz and Jess are better than Wuthering Heights, but the author somehow finds the story of two identical twins who possess perfect beauty, a penchant for witnessing/solving outlandish crimes, and two identical (but criminal) doppelgangers unrealistic (?!); and...
c. Diablo asked Francine for the rights, and Francine and her are "on the same page." But even after reading the article, we still don't know what page they're on... hopefully it's a page with a pool push (or a page that doesn't suck as much as Jennifer's Body).

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