October 14th, 2009

the rushies

SVH TV Episode 1.18: Dancin' Fools

Oh my God, you guys! I totally forgot to recap this episode! I even pre-made a couple of screencaps for some of the scenes way back when, and then stuff happened (what stuff? I don't know, but I'm sure there was stuff. There's always stuff) and it completely slipped my mind. Just when you think my TV-recapping days are over, I come back at ya with more nineties hilarity. I just won't die, like a serial killer...or a Wakefield.

Actually, the reason I even picked up my SVH box-set is because I'm at home, nursing a pinched back nerve or some crap. (I hate going to the doctor, but Yahoo Answers has been very helpful with my diagnosis. And scary. I hope it's a pinched nerve and not kidney disease or tetanus.) I've been passing my time watching my beloved 90210 DVDs, but I'm getting pretty mad at Kelly and Dylan as of late, so I feet like now is the right time to take a little break before we all say something we regret. (Dylan is an asshat. There, I said it.) Thankfully, Steve's gotten rid of his curly blonde mullet now. But as usual, I digress. Also, I had a really vivid, funny and horrifying Sweet Valley-related dream last night. It was kinda sick, really. I might tell you about it at the end, if I remember.


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