October 2nd, 2009

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SVK Super Special 5: Elizabeth Hatches an Egg

I bought a bunch of Sweet Valley Kids books on eBay. Then I posted a poll in my LJ about which one sounded the funniest. This one, Super Special #5, won by a very, very large margin. I can’t imagine why. OH WAIT. Could it be the title which just happens to be “ELIZABETH HATCHES AN EGG”? I think it might!

Seriously, you guys. I honestly debated posting a recap that just said, “I found a SVK book called Elizabeth Hatches and Egg” and leaving it at that. No joke I make will be funnier than that mental image.

I could only find this tiny image of the cover. But that’s Liz, with chick on her head, and Jessica (in some kind of old lady nightgown) pointing and laughing at her, as you would.

Egg puns used in this book: Egg-straordinary, Egg-ceptional, Egghead, Egg-xactly. Egg puns used in this recap: NONE. You’re welcome.

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