September 23rd, 2009

SVH (Sweet Valley High)
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Diablo Cody twitters about SVH

I copy pasted some twitter bits from Diablo Cody re: SVH the movie.

You have no idea how many bitches I took down to do this project. I went "full Jessica." Believe it.
She's a sociopath? COOL.

Like most girls, I'm a Jelizabeth.
A know-it-all sociopath?

I liked Lila too.
Thank GOD. Just seeing this twitter update made me feel so much better about the project. You don't even know.

I love that blog, too.
Re: The Dairi Burger blog. No love for 1bruce1?

Frankie says relax: Sweet Valley High is set in the '80s. Don't feel like brokering some deal with T-Mobile to give Enid a Sidekick.

Why would Enid need a Sidekick? No one's going to call her.

I brought up the Fiat in every pitch. I think it's important.
But what about 1bruce1?! My god won't someone think of the Porsche?

Sharp comedy/satire, plenty of "sincere" SVH moments too. No werewolves. Plenty of Todd.
Description of the pitch, I think. Plenty of Todd so there must be punching!

I've visited the Dairi Burger many times. And I'm thinking Michael Cera would be better for Bruce. (Kidding)
Again, thank god.

@LevenRambin I didn't know that! Amanda Seyfried posed for some Francine Pascal books too-- so jealous.
SHE DID?!? LILLY KANE WAS ON A FP BOOK? Can someone confirm or deny?
[svh] club x

SVH TV: Season 2, Episode 10: Like Water For Hot Dogs.

Synopsis: Liz wonders if Todd will ask her out for their anniversary

Like always, the gang is at Moon Beach. The cafe is packed and Lila and Jessica UNFORTUNATELY have to sit in a booth with Enid and Liz. THE HORROR.

Todd is at the counter, eyeing off Liz. Way to be obvious, perve. Winston offers a plate of hotdogs to him to try.

Winston: They're all beef *deeper voice* Like me.
Todd: Suddenly, I've become a vegetarian.

That's not nice :(

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