September 20th, 2009

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  • nen_yim

SVJH #19: She Loves Me...Not. OMINOUS!

(I suppose now might be a good time to tell you all about how I have tons of files on my computer, all labeled things like 1bruce1 - svjh 16, 1bruce1 - svjh 19, 1bruce1 - svjh 20, etc. It's sad.)

I have a lot of favorite Sweet Valley Jr. High books. Each one truly holds a special place in my heart, except maybe #14, because that one is just embarrassing. Of 30 SVJH books, I probably have about 10 favorites. This is one of them. In short: Damon falls in love with a teacher (his English teacher, just saying), Jessica gets jealous, the two school assholes hook up, and Anna hates Freddie Prinze Jr.'s eyebrows. Also, there is a character named Chris Grassi, who I kept (accidentally) referring to as Chris de Grassi in the first draft of this recap. And then I kept accidentally-on-purpose calling him that for the rest of this draft, too. Oops.

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