September 6th, 2009

SVT Super Edition #9 - The Twins go to College


I was all set to recap another SVU book – and then I got my hands on this. As soon as I read the back, I knew I had no choice in the matter; this book desperately needed to be recapped. In The Twins go to College, Jess and Liz are headed off to a two-week study program at SVU the summer after 6th grade. And because there is no possible way I could top what is written on the back of the book, let me paste it for you all to see, word for word:

Elizabeth is thrilled to study Romantic poetry. And when she meets Ethan Williams, a totally cute teaching assistant, she has the feeling that the class will be even more romantic than she thought. But Ethan is a college student… way too old for Elizabeth. Or is he?

YES!!!! A college student is too old to date a sixth grader, damnit!!

I chose to quote that verbatim because there is absolutely nothing I can say to make it worse. Maybe Ethan is Mr. Collins’ cousin or something. They do both have the hots for young, blonde, twin California girls from Sweet Valley.

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