September 2nd, 2009


SVH 2008 Reissue of #2: Secrets

I'm back! Miss me? Yeah, I know, I missed you guys too. Turns out I had some spare time between uni and setting up my very own blog (inspired by this community, so thanks a mil!), but since I found this book at my library, I thought hey, why not? I'm fickle that way. And I can't be fucked paying any more library fines. But mostly the fickle thing.

Reissue time!! Today it's book number two, Secrets, which is kind-of a classic. And I actually have the original to this one, so yay for me. If I may, I'd like to share a part of the reissue back-cover summary with you:

Welcome to Sweet Valley High -- a world of good girls with big secrets, bad girls with no remorse, rich boys in stunning tuxedoes, and shimmering Southern California sunsets.

Actually, you know what? That's pretty much the entire book. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you, and goodnight.


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