August 20th, 2009


SVH TV Episode 1.06: Almost Married

Okay, this is definitely the LAST episode I'm going to recap. I've bombarded you guys with most of the episodes that weren't already recapped (and one that was!), and I think it's time to for me to stop beating this dead horse, fun though it may have been. Besides, I'm out of halfway-decent season one episodes. Not my fault.

So this final episode is actually the sixth in the series, and it's kinda like that SVH book of the same name...only Bruce Patman is not the object of Liz's affections, nor is he involved in the storyline at all. Which is disappointing, because A) Bruce rockz, and B) the book Almost Married is kinda interesting. So really, it's actually nothing like the book except for the title and the fact that Liz and Todd decide to move in together. As for this episode...well, upon second viewing, I've decided that I love it. Really, I do. I'm so glad it's the lucky last one I do. But you're welcome decide for yourselves.

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