August 19th, 2009

SVH (Sweet Valley High)
  • esc_key


I've recently become obsessed with getting EVERY Sweet Valley book recapped. We've done Sweet Valley High (although we are, of course, open to new recaps!) and we are almost done with Sweet Valley Twins (there are about five left and I know some of them are being worked on?), so now we must turn our attention to the other serieses.

There are a ton of Sweet Valley Kids still left to be recapped. I don't have a good sense of how many Senior Year and Junior Highs we're missing because I'm not as familiar with those serieses, but it looks like a lot. We also need Unicorn Club recaps!

But my first project is getting SVU finished up! The following books do not have a recap linked in the profile (I was going to say "they haven't been recapped" but then there was a period when the profile wasn't getting updated so maybe some of them have? If so, let me know!)

#13: S. S. Heartbreak, claimed by prufrock_girl
#16: Other Woman, claimed by shewhohashope
#17: Deadly Attraction, claimed by irinaauthor
#22: Elizabeth’s Summer Love, claimed by perfectsize12
#23: Sweet Kiss of Summer, claimed by perfectsize12
#24: His Secret Past, claimed bytv_junk_ie
#25: Busted!, claimed bytv_junk_ie
#28: Elizabeth’s Heartbreak (This could be every book's title!)
#31: The Truth About Ryan, claimed by littlered2
#32: Boys of Summer, claimed by littlered2
#34: Spy Girl
#36: Have You Heard About Elizabeth?, claimed by miz_hollywood
#38: Good Bye Elizabeth (I bet this book is a let down)
#41: Escape to New York, esc_key trying to locate.
#43: The Price of Love
#49: Stranded
#50: Summer of Love, claimed by rhitroadkill
#51: Living Together, wendiddy
#52: Fooling Around
#56: Dropping Out
#58: Dreaded Ex
#60: Face It (I thought 59 was the last?) Thriller Ed. Done.
Thriller Edition 2: He’s Watching You (prufrock_girl?)
Thriller Edition 4: House of Death, claimed by janegallagher
Thriller Edition 5: Running for Her Life (orexisbella?)
Thriller Edition 9: Killer at Sea (janegallagher?)
Thriller Edition 10: Channel X, claimed by desertsunrise84
Thriller Edition 12: Don’t Answer the Phone
Secret Love Diaries: Jessica (jannika?)

I'm getting the title names from wikipedia so I'm not sure it's totally accurate. But does anyone have any of these amazing works of genius?