August 18th, 2009

The anti-climatic end to the SVU series, or SVU 59: Elizabeth in Love

This is the book before the super edition/thriller where Jess snogs Sam in an attempt to make her sister see what a jerk he is thus making her run off to London and become a scullery maid for an Earl who has a hot son named Max. Basically, it's a filler book. The last in proper SVU series and nothing actually happens. It's like the ghostwriters thought "Crap, we finished up all the plots (except for Todd) in the last book! What are we going to do? I know, let's make everyone have some really tiny issues that can be sorted out in the space of one book!" It's awful, guys, really. But here goes. Apologies for the length - there's quite a lot to moan/snark about in a book where nothing really happens.

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