August 4th, 2009

[snow white] omg!!

SVJH #16 - Keepin' it Real, FO SHO

This book is basically full of assholes. Anna blows off her friends, Salvador is immature about the Anna issue, while Liz bitches about Anna with Salvador and then turns around to bitch about Salvador with Anna. That's friendship for you in Sweet Valley! Meanwhile, Kristin's mom cuts down her kid's self-esteem, and Kristin gets revenge by getting a new mom. JEALOUSY ABOUNDS!

Note: don't read this book or this recap if you're planning on eating anytime soon, or have eaten less than five minutes ago, because the SVJH food is terrible and there is never a cafeteria scene where the writer doesn't launch into a lengthy paragraph about how gross it tastes. I'm serious. It's all very disgusting.

(I was really excited to recap this, because I do tech for our drama club at school, and I get to point out all the inaccuracies in this book. :D)

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