August 3rd, 2009

the rushies

SVH TV Episode 1.13: Club X

(Sorry for the incessant recapping of late. But I've found that it's true what they say -- you can't keep bitchness creativity down. I'll stop soon, I swear!)

This FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC (deliberate caps lock, bold and italics) episode is based on the classic SVH book Jessica Against Bruce, the recap of which can be found here. Basically, the awesome-upon-awesome Bruce Patman creates an institution that goes around playing pranks on people long before Ashton Kutcher thought to do it. Oh, and copying SVH, Kutch? That's the ultimate Punking.

And exciting news, folks...SVH TV has its very first GUEST STAR! (!!!!!!!) I know! I'm just as excited as you.



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