July 26th, 2009

Team Lila (Sweet Valley High)

SVU 37: Breaking Away

First of all, I'd like to start by saying "Happy Birthday" to our own irinaauthor. I'm sure this birthday recap will be more valuable to you than cash, or a real present. ;)


Someone call in the super snoopers. We have a crime on our hands.

I was working on a recap of SVU #41: Escape to New York, the third in the “spring break” series set in New York, following “Elizabeth [heart] New York” and “Private Jessica,” but then my roommate and I moved. Every single thing from our old apartment is present and accounted for EXCEPT said SVU book. If anyone sees a used copy of SVU #41 somewhere in New York, perhaps dropped from a moving box, that shit is mine. I want it back. Until then, I can only assume the movers coveted this item above all the others and made off with it to rejoice in the hilarity of Sweet Valley.

So if you are reading this, moving men: Well played. I expect your recap to be posted soon.

I’m a bit put out. I was in the middle of recapping that other one and I looked all over for it, but it was nowhere to be found. So then I had to start all over (oh, the humanity!) with this one. STRANGERFACE = FROWNY!

SVU #37: Breaking Away

The back of the book tells us that Liz is leaving SVU! Oh noes. What would we do if Liz left us? Sobsob. Jessica has decided to keep her twin at SVU by… pretending to be her(?). That’s right a genuine twin switch right here. I’m excited. I’ve not recapped a twin switch yet. Be gentle!

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