July 7th, 2009

Shush your ass

Sweet Valley Kids #7: Jessica's Big Mistake

Sweet Valley Kids #7: Jessica's Big Mistake

That's right, forget all of Jessica's other mistakes. Never mind all the dead boyfriends. Never mind framing her sister for vehicular manslaughter. Never mind the hideous feathered bangs. This is Jessica's seriously big mistake: cheating off her sister.

Then again, those bangs were pretty damn awful.

So, the cover shows Jessica stealing a crumpled paper out of the garbage, although that's not exactly how it happens in the book. Worse, though, is that Jessica is wearing Elizabeth's clothes and hairstyle! See, it says right here on page three that Liz is the one who wears blue because Jessica prefers pink. Plus, you just know that the barrette Jessica is wearing matches her outfit. You just know it.

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