June 4th, 2009

SVK #61 - Scaredy-Cat Elizabeth


Does anyone know when the SVK books stopped being written in the 3rd person and instead were narrated by either Jess or Liz? Very odd.

Anyway, this awesome piece of Literature (with a capital "L") is narrated by Liz and revolves around a bully named Patty who moves to Sweet Valley and picks on Liz. As a subplot, an exciting science fair is going on! Will Liz win?

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[snow white] omg!!

Is that an SVH book I see before me?

So it's my summer vacation and I was feeling very, very bored, so I decided to Wikipedia SVH...and in the "pop culture references" I saw that SVH made an appearance in a music video by tommy february6!

"Wait," Emily said to herself. "But I LOVE tommy february6! How did I not notice this before?"

And so I dug out the PV from the depths of my hard drive, and lo and behold...

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