May 20th, 2009

the rushies

SVU Thriller Edition #15: Loving The Enemy

SVU Thriller Edition #15: Loving The Enemy


Firstly, I should start off by saying that I’m the 1bruce1 equivalent of “long-time listener, first-time caller.” This was my absolute favourite SVU book when I was a younger, and I couldn’t believe nobody had recapped it yet. So, considering I love snarking and I love Sweet Valley (match made in heaven, I know), I thought I’d pop my recapping cherry on this beauty.


I’ll only say one thing about the image on the cover. ( Even though it's pretty much screaming, "Mock me! Mock me!") Where the hell did they get that Ben Affleck look-alike from? Seriously. He looks more like an Affleck than Casey does. And please note that Ben-Again thought it’d be a good idea to rob a diner in a lilac shirt that looks like pyjamas. Mmm, no wonder Jessica’s in love with the enemy when he takes his fashion cues from Joe Pesci in Home Alone crossed with Bedtime Ken.


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