March 8th, 2009

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Sweet Valley Kids #3: The Twins' Mystery Teacher

Sweet Valley Kids #3: The Twins' Mystery Teacher

Brace yourselves, guys. There is one competent adult in Sweet Valley. I know, right? Freaky. However, he only appears in this book and never again, so I guess the other adults tracked him down and killed him for making them look bad for constantly leaving their children unattended so they can, I don't know, attend coke parties or something.

Cover art

That's the cover. I don't know which twin is which here, since they pull a twin switch at one point and this could be it. The one in yellow could be Liz, since she's rocking the barrettes and the disapproving look, but the one in pink just looks so much like a kiss-ass that I really can't be sure. Maybe we should throw a disadvantaged kid at them and see which one pounces on him. That'll settle it.

The kid on the right just has to be Todd, though. Todd always seems to be on the SVK covers. Plus, he looks like a total dork. Hey, Todd! Fix your damn collar!

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