February 10th, 2009

Truly Outrageous

Sweet Valley snark courtesy of GoFugYourself.com

Nice to see that GoFugYourself knows their Sweet Valley, and snarked on it well!:

Well...her lips seem to have (sort of) deflated since the last time we saw Nikki Cox:


But she seems to have had an Elizabeth Wakefield-esque accident at some point over the last few months and instead of waking up believing she was her own twin sister, she came out of her magical coma believing that she's her character from Las Vegas, but with more nightgowns and stripper shoes. Presumably, eventually she'll run into Josh Duhamel and he'll do her a solid and crack her on the head with a coconut (or whatever's at hand) to bring her back to herself, at which point I suspect she will feel forced to begin an investigation of any crimes she may have committed during her period of derangement. Activity of Interest Number One: how the hell she got this dress to stay up, and what was involved in keeping her nipples wrangled. I suspect the answer might be Super Glue.

On a related note--ooh! Purple! Let's invite her to the Unicorner!
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