February 8th, 2009


Elizabeth Wakefield = Mary Worth?

Apologies if this is too off-topic for the community, but I just had to share my theory. I'm willing to bet that, fifty years after SVH, Elizabeth Wakefield changes her name to Mary Worth. I mean, they both love to meddle in other people's personal problems, they both seem to wear a constant expression of condescension and/or disapproval, and according to today's strip, both at least flirt with the idea of cheating.

I think Mary Worth even has Pacific Ocean-colored eyes. Spooky. ;)

(And no, I'm not actually a devoted MW reader, but my local paper carries it, so it's hard for me to miss the shoulder pats and nosy looks as she eavesdrops on other people's conversations.)

SVH Episode 1.2, "Oracle On Air"

Episode 1.2, “Oracle on Air”

From TV.com: When Sweet Valley High gets its own on-air news station, Jessica schemes against her own sister to steal the coveted anchor position. Meanwhile, Winston is tired of being picked on by Bruce, but his attempts at revenge keep backfiring.

Okay, so this is a fairly accurate summary. The Winston & Bruce plot is kind of boring, so I glossed over a lot of it. Basically, they play immature practical jokes on each other and Winston mostly just takes the brunt of it until the end. Hurrah.

Also, fun fact: TV.com says this episode had a celebrity director named “Mark Spiegel.” Now, when I googled him, I got information about Chicago lawyers and what not. He also did not appear on IMDB.com, except in reference to this single SVH episode. So unless someone knows something I don’t, I’m calling shenanigans on the whole “celebrity director” label. Because a celebrity has to do something other than direct an SVH episode, yes/yes?

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