February 3rd, 2009


SVH Episode 1.1

The DVDs came in the mail today, guys, and I have blown off reading about Carl Jung for SVH. But we all know it's worth it.

Sweet Valley High, Episode 1.1: “Dangerous Love,” a.k.a the episode in which they decide to start butchering the original SVH plotlines & already-fragile timeline from the start.

From TV.com: “When Elizabeth wins both the Homecoming Queen title and a date with college boy Scott Daniels, Jessica decides it's time to pull a twin switch. As usual, she gets what she wants, but this time she may get more than she bargained for.”

Okay. That is not the plot of Dangerous Love. Where are the motorcycles, the mystical cousin Rexy, the coma!? We don’t see any of that. Instead, we have moved a semblance of that plot to the creatively titled ninth episode, “Coma.” This episode is like the weird love child of All Night Long and Secrets, only they took out all night parties from which you cannot escape and added a (halfhearted) attempted date rape. It sounds good, but really, not so much.

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