February 1st, 2009


SVH tv show? Any takers?

Hello to all of the 1bruce1 members.  :)  I've never recapped anything here before, but I do have a question for you.

Instead of watching the Super Bowl (because I realized that I don't really care about football, and I do really care about Sweet Valley - please do not tell my boyfriend), I went browsing through the history of 1bruce1.  I've seen 3 or 4 recaps from the SVH TV show, season one, but certainly not in a while.  

Here's my question: Is anyone still interested in the TV show?  I've recently put the first season on the top of my Netflix list, and so the first two discs will probably arrive in a few days.  I would be more than happy to recap episodes, as I'm sure there will be plenty to snark.  If there is interest, I've got a few ideas.  Would you guys want to request certain episodes?  Should I start at episode 4 or 5, as I think the first few have already been recapped?  Or should I start at the very beginning and just slog my way through?  As a bonus question, if I do decide to recap all 22 episodes in the first season, does anyone want to take bets on how far behind I will get on my real-life, real-college reading?  I am thinking weeks and weeks.

Anyway, I hope this post is allowed.  I know there's no recap, but it does include the promise of recaps to come in the future....  still, mods, if I'm totally breaking rules, push me into the pool, sic crazy Margo on me, or feel free to just delete the post.  :)

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SVK Super Special #3: A Curse On Elizabeth

I was browsing through a second-hand bookstore today, and found a mere one Sweet Valley book on the rack. However, the woman behind the counter did tell me that there's a man who came in and offered to sell/trade in 50 assorted Sweet Valley books, and they took down my name and number so I could get first dibs if any came in - so here's hoping!

The one I did find, though, is a sweet little Sweet Valley Kids book that I remember reading when I was a kid and really into Ancient Egypt.

The cover promises 'fun activities inside', which includes a word search, maze and a series of trivia questions. The final question is, "Why was it so hard to get Egyptians to work on the mummy's tomb?", to which someone has written 'suptsieoritn'. Below that, it says (in much neater handwriting) 'superstition' and 'Wrong'. Harsh.

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