November 23rd, 2007


Sweet Valley Twins #6: The New Girl

This book is the one with the amazing Wakefield triplet, who goes by the name of Jennifer. Elizabeth, Jessica and Jennifer? Why Jennifer? Why not Louise? That's a cool name?
*sigh* My name never gets used in fiction. *sadface*

This is vintage SVT, and this is undoubtably one of the nastiest tricks I've ever seen. Seriously. Kids can be such bitches.

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spanish covers

Hello! I'm rather new to this community (and english isnt my first language, btw), but im already addicted to it. Here I have two of the spanish covers for the Sweet Valley high series. they dont look very good, but well, my scanner isn't the best. Enjoy!

Racing Hearts

Wrong Kind of Girl

I have some more, but my scanner isn't working lately T_T.  When i can i'll scan the other covers as well. bye!