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Sweet Valley University #37: Breaking Away

Liz is making a gourmet lunch for her and Jess one Friday. Jess is suspicious because she heard rumors and she confronts Liz. Liz says she's been offered a place with the Denver Center for Investigative Reporting (DCIR) and she's accepted. Jess had heard crazy rumors that Liz was going somewhere with her boyfriend Scott Sinclair after getting in a fight with her ex Tom but this was more than Jess imagined. Liz is trying to comfort an angry Jess with stories of how they'll ski together and Jess is all "No way! I hate ski outfits!" which is a lie. Liz will be leaving in a week or so for a visit and the final move will be ina few weeks at the end of the semester. Jess is really angry and storms off and Liz does what she does best--she cries.

Jess seeks comfor at the Theta house but Lila, Denise, and Isabella all act like it might be food to have Liz the nag gone. Now Jess can skip class, buy clothes and go off in the Jeep whenever she wants. Jess loves it and decides to get Liz back by throwing her a goodbye party.

Tom is at WSVU and realizing how reporting has no appeal like the pursuit of Elizabeth Wakefield, even though he's dating her ex's ex, Dana Upshaw. Then Danny calls and tells Tom that Liz is leaving SVU for DCIR. Tom decides not to believe it because Isabella is Danny's source but after hanging u, Tom thinks back fondly to his old makeout days and cries.

Liz walks to class and everyone congratulates her--Winston, Isabella, Bruce. You know, everyone. She kind of freaks out and then she sees Tom awaiting her outside of her classroom door. Tom says he's really glad she's leaving because he never wants to see her again. (Talk about playing hard to get!)

Dana has heard about Liz leaving and is glad to finally have Tom to herself. Then Scott shows up for some odd reason. Dana congratulates him about him and Liz and DCIR  and he feins surprise that Liz made a decision. Then he asks about Dana and Tom, she says they're happy and he tells her to keep it that way. He winks, then leaves.

In a B-plot, Denise is getting comfort from Winston about her huge credit card bills she can't pay and keeps thinking she's off to prison. Keep this in mind for later.

Scott and Liz meet for a bite to eat and congratulates her on her decisions. She keeps thinking how she wouldn't be going away if it wasn't for him, how she still loves Tom even thought he's a jerk and I keep wondering why she's going to DCIR for someone she barely knows and doesn't love. It's obviously not about the education.

Jess gets home just in time for Liz to hand her the phone. It's the parents. They think Liz going away is a great idea (they would) and Jess says she thinks it's horrible but soon admits she's just sad and after getting off the phone, Liz and Jess make up.

Liz is trying to throw away clothes so she can pack a reasonable amount when Jess and Nina drag Liz away to a surprise congratulation party. Winston, Denise, Lila, Bruce, Alex/Enid, Noah and Todd are all there (like on the cover of the book). They play a "This is your life" kind of video from two on up with scenes of Liz and Todd at SVJH, their sweet 16, Liz and Alex/Enid in the good ol' days, Liz and Todd at junior prom (???), Tom and Liz at WSVU and so on. This starts Liz crying again as it continues. Jess cries some too. Winston mentions the tears, both twins deny crying, have a fight, then storm off and leave the party. Jess follows Liz home, trying to figure out why Liz freaked out. The fight wasn't about Jess and it wasn't about who was crying, it was all about Tom! So Jess confronts Liz with this discovery, that Liz is running away with Scott from Tom, and of course Liz denies it. Jess gives up, packs an outfit and storms off to Nick's. While there, she tries making out but can't get her mind off Liz. (Uh oh, twincest!) Nick tells her to let Liz go and that he's going back to college instead of back to the force. Jess doesn't like the idea at all. How will she cope with a non-mysterious, non-dangerous boyfriend who studies? Jess pretends to support him but in her head she prefers to mentally plan a real goodbye party for Liz after all.

Liz can't sleep in her dorm so she tries calling Scott-- no answer. She's about to try Tom for some reason but an incoming wrong number causes her to change her mind. Then Jess calls. The twins apologize to each other. Jess says she's going to throw a huge party for Liz. Jess offers to take her clothes shopping the next day.

Back to B-plot: Denise gets a bill collector call, Winston answers and acts stupid and takes a message and Denise freaks out because he took a message. Then Jess calls with party ideas and Denise offers to cater while the Wakefields foot the bill at a discount and Denise gets out of debt. All is well in the B-plot!

The next day, Liz goes to drop her classes for the next semester but Scott has done it for her. This seems off because I remember dropping classes in college and it was a hassle that even a Sweet Valley heartthrob couldn't have done for me and if he could have, I'd have gotten into Rock through the Ages instead of Geometry of the Universe. Anyway, Liz catches up to Scott and chews him out for interfering with her life. Then she apologizes and they head off for coffee while everyone congratulates her and she feels trapped in her decision.

Jess and Denise meet to discuss the guest list and the menu. Jess is inviting everyone she's ever seen. She has a Gourmet magazine with recipes from Demi Moore (during her Striptease years according to the publication date) and insists the menu include lobster, asparagus, pate, cavier, the works. (Eww for a college party) Denise heads off to think about it all. Denise and Winston shop and she goes over Jess's budget and justifies it by saying she'll get more catering jobs from it. Meanwhile, Jess answers a call for Liz from Jerome Jeffries of DCIR who will be at SVU the next week and leaves a message about wanting to meet Liz. Jess schemes, calls back and pretends to be Liz. Jess leaves the dorm wearing a red miniskirt, a gold lame skirt, stilletos, teased hair and red lipstick and runs off to meet Jerome dressed as "Liz." Jess plays a ditzy girl with Jerome but he calls her refreshing and modest. He has to run off and she's desperate to sabotage Liz so she kisses him and he just laughs it off and says he can't wait to see her at DCIR.

Tom gets an invite to Liz's party while at WSVU and Dana comes in wanting to get freaky until she spots the invite. She announces they're going and then she makes out on the couch where Tom and Liz used to make out. After, Tom and Scott run into each other at the bookstore and have a war of words. Scott says "Liz was right about you..." and Tom is confused and all sad. He leaves the bookstore and Liz spots him. She talks to him, wanting to set things right before she leaves but Dana interupts them and Liz finds herself wishing bad things on Dana. Saint Elizabeth she is not.

The twins are dressing for the party. Jess is in a new navy dress while Liz is wearing an older burgundy dress she wore out with Tom last. Wasn't Jess supposed to take her shopping? This will not end well.

Denise and Winston are doing well until they realize they left the lobster in the car. Winston shops for a substitute but can only afford tofu. She is very scared then. How can she pull this off and not end up in debt/jail?

The party is going well. Lots of dancing, lots of dining, etc. Tom and Liz share a dance with a lot of passion, lots of dreaming about her in that dress (and I'd guess her without) but a lot of things are left unsaid. Nick talks to Steven about law school and suddenly college doesn't seem so exciting. Then Lila and Bruce barge into the kitchen to try the tofu/lobster. And they both love it. Refined taste, my ass. Tofu will never equal lobster. Meanwhile, Bruce and Lila ask Denise to cater a party the next night as the caterer is double-booked. And he requests the tofu/lobster be there. Denise is worried, should she use tofu or lobster?

The party is great but Jessica isn't any closer to getting Elizabeth to stay. She's crestfallen until she sees Tom outside. She neaks off, lets her hair down and puts on Elizabeth's coat. She joins Tom and stands next to him, looking him in the eye. Tom asks if she'll stay and she's speechless. Then "Liz" kisses Tom and he kisses her back.

Liz wants to do a speech with a toast to Jess but of course Jess is missing so Scott offers to help find her. He runs into Dana and asks if she knows where her boyfriend is. He then motions to the window and she spies Tom and "Liz" kissing. She bolts and Scott shows Liz that Tom and Jess are making out. Liz breaks away crying and tells everyone thank you for the lovely party and she runs away home, crying.

I guess the storyline will have to be resolved in the next book!


Tags: party!, recapper: julieannie, saint elizabeth of sweet valley, scheming jessica, svu, tom watts

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