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Sweet Valley High #72: Rock Star's Girl

I started recapping Bruce's Story but it's hard because it's more complicated. I wanted an easier one. And this one sure is easy--to the point of being really stupid!

A new girl named Andrea Slade has moved to Sweet Valley. Jessica thinks she's dating the famous rock star, Jamie Peters, but anyone with half a brain cell could easily guess that's not true.

Enid tells Liz that she had lunch with a new girl, Andrea Slade. She just moved to Sweet Valley from New York. Liz and Enid invite Andrea to the beach. She's from the East Coast so they comment on how she's pale. Quick! Give her some skin cancer!

Jessica is excited because Lila just bought one of those new fangled compact disc players! They're going to listen to Jamie Peters's new “album.” Jessica is “obsessed” with Jamie Peters. So obsessed we never heard of him in the last 71 books (that I know of). The girls pore over a magazine with articles about the star. Jessica isn't sure how old he is (she thinks 20. Ha.). And they learn that his wife was killed in a plane crash twelve years ago (How tragic to lose his beloved wife when he was only “eight”!). It's weird, now days you could just Gawker Stalk him or something and be all up in his business. But in the books the girls rely on the magazine, which tells them he has a “special girl” in his life, but not who she is.

Lila announces she's been working with a music teacher and is going to become a famous musician. This sounds more like Jessica than Lila to me.

Andrea meets Enid and Liz at the beach. They have fun, except Andrea won't tell them what sort of “business” her father is in. Oh and her mother's dead. Like you didn't already know. Then when they invite her to the Dairi Burger later, Liz says Todd can drive them all. But Andrea insists she drive herself and asks for directions. Enid thinks this is weird and suggests Andrea's father does something “illegal.” Whoa. That's quite a mental leap. Maybe she doesn't just wants to be able to leave whenever she wants, or she thinks Todd smells funny, or she's not as okay with tagging along with happy couples as you are, Enid.

Elizabeth invites Jessica to come meet Andrea at the Dairi Burger; she says Andrea is fun. Jessica is like, “You think End is fun.” Touche. She says she's going over to Lila's again instead. And that's she's memorized the whole “first side” of Jamie Peters's “album.” Odd. I thought we established that she bought it on CD and they don't have sides?

Olivia Davidson really likes Andrea too. She wants Andrea to write something for the Oracle. But when she brings it up again, somehow things get back to where Andrea lives. Andrea lies and says she has a terrible sense of direction and isn't sure which part of Sweet Valley she lives in.

Lila has decided to take up playing the marimba. I think the ghost writer just thought the word was funny.

Nicholas Morrow spots Liz, Enid and Andrea at the mall. First we are reminded that his sister is dead, dead, dead. Then Nick is introduced to Andrea. They hit it off talking about Boston. (Andrea lived there before NYC and Nicholas before Sweet Valley.) Nicholas offers to take Andrea sailing.

Lila announces at school the next day that she saw Jamie Peters in Sweet Valley. He was at the drugstore. The other girls don't believe her and Lila is offended. After mocking Lila, Jessica decides if it is true and then she's going to be the first to see him! Except Lila already did so too late, sucker!

Jessica hasn't even formulated a plan of how she'll “see him before anyone else” when Lila calls from her car phone. She's seen him again. She knows where he lives now, it's near Lila's. Jessica demands the address of the place so she can come by later and stalk him.

Nicholas and Andrea go sailing. Andrea is having fun. Nicholas tells her his sister is dead, which makes Andrea uncomfortable. Smooth. They had a weird conversation where they talk about their favorite things and Andrea says her favorite food is angel hair pasta. What's angel hair got that spaghetti doesn't?

He invites her to dinner (to a restaurant with angel hair pasta!). But she won't let him drive her; she says she'll meet him. He's upset because he doesn't believe her excuse that the house is a mess since she just moved. I don't get it; that's totally an excuse I'd buy. Yet people in Sweet Valley don't blink an eye at crazy look alikes that try to kill you? She thinks if people know who she is then they won't like her for her anymore.

Amy, Lila and Jessica all go over to the house Lila saw Jamie Peters go into. They hide in the bushes and wait for him to come out. He does. It's... very exciting for them, I guess. I don't think this is healthy. At school, the girls tell Cara about it. And they plan to go back again! Someone arrest them already.

Andrea is getting sick. But Liz, Enid and Olivia still tease her about Nicholas. Then they tell her some more about how horrible it was when Regina died. If I were Andrea I'd be like “I GET IT ALREADY! SHE'S DEAD!” but somehow Andrea refrains.

Jessica and her ilk go spy on Jamie Peters again. This time they see Andrea, and for some reason assume she is his live-in-girlfriend. Because I'm sure her parents would be totally okay with her moving to a different state with some old guy rock star she's dating.

Someone leaves an anonymous note for the Eyes and Ears column to ask Andrea about her “relationship” with the famous rock star. Liz thinks it's a joke until Penny comes in and tells her Jamie Peters has moved to Sweet Valley. Liz assumes he is Andrea's father, whom she has been so secretive about. Sometimes Liz is smarter than Jessica.

Conveniently, Andrea is out sick, so all the rumors about her get spread behind her back. Jessica and her friends accost Liz and demand to know where Andrea is. Liz tries to reason with them and tell them that Jamie is her father and they're all “He's too young!” Enid, also reasonably, suggests he could be her brother then. But they won't have any of it.

Andrea feels yucky with her cold. But she's happy in Sweet Valley. She likes having a real house and going to a real school. She likes Nicholas and Elizabeth (for some reason). Then she overhears her father on the phone. He's considering going on another tour and she is crushed. He had promised her they were going to settle down this time.

On Wednesday, Andrea is back at school. Amy, always subtle, immediately comes up and invites her to a party. Caroline Pearce also accosts her to tell her what a really good listener she is, and what a good friend she'd be. Andrea thinks they must know who her father is (she has no idea they think she's dating him) and is sad. She had a “friend” in Boston who just used her to meet her father. I had a friend who used me to use my pool, so I can relate.

Finally, at lunch Lila comes up and asks if Andrea would introduce her to Jamie Peters because she wants to audition to be on his next album. Yeah, with her stupid marimba. Lila lets it slip that she thinks Andrea is his girlfriend and Andrea laughs at her, then leaves. Lila still thinks she's his girlfriend. I don't like Lila in this book. Isn't that sad? She's usually a lot sharper.

Jessica is mad at Lila because she thinks Lila “blew it” for all of them. She thinks she would've approached Andrea with much more tact. That's crazy talk. Jessica has no tact. While they're at the mall, Nicholas comes up. He's bought flowers for Andrea since she was sick. Aww, so nice. Too bad the girls tell him that Andrea is dating another guy. You'd think, you know, since Andrea said she wasn't his girlfriend, and she's dating Nicholas now, they might've taken the hint.

Nicholas and Andrea were supposed to have a date. When she gets there, she finds he's left her a note saying how much she hurt him. Andrea can't believe this shit! Neither can I!

Then Jamie Peters (I can't seem to type just Jamie) calls the Wakefield residence. Jessica is upset to learn he wants to speak with Elizabeth. Hah. Andrea is missing and he's worried. He tells her, for the record, that he is her father. Liz promises to call Enid and Nicholas and everyone else that Andrea was friends with and try to find her.

Liz goes to Nicholas' house and tells him the truth. Nicholas, to his credit, was willing to help look for her before he knew Jessica and Lila had lied to him. When he learns the truth, he feels like shit. They pick up Enid and the three of them go driving into the night to find her. Remember the days before cell phones? Hee.

Nicholas remembers that Andrea liked sailing so he tells them to go to the marina. And there she is. They have their “I'm so sorry/no, I'm so sorry” moment. Liz asks why she didn't call her her father to let him know where she was, and Andrea says she's pissed he's thinking about leaving Sweet Valley. She wants to stay. Well who wouldn't? All that pool-pushing!

Jessica and Lila, meanwhile, decide the thing to do now is to go spy on Jamie Peters some more! ...er, ok? They see Andrea's happy reunion with her father. And he tells Andrea he's signed a film deal instead of doing that tour thing, so they're staying. Yay!

This time Lila and Jessica make too much noise and everyone hears them. Surprisingly, Jamie Peters doesn't call the cops or tell them they suck or anything. He's flattered they think he's young enough to date Andrea. How weird. Get a bodyguard to rough 'em up or something!

Jamie even gives Lila a “bit part” in his movie. She's going to play a comically bad marimba player. Poor Lila. The Lila I know would never suffer this indignity.

Next Book: Mrs. Morrow (who has no first name apparently) contacts Elizabeth. She's found something of Regina's that she wants Liz to have. Find out what it is in the next book: #73: Regina's Legacy. And don't forget, Regina is DEAD!
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  • Little facts & such!

    So, sometime last year I started rereading SVH, and I guess I wanted to bookmark little things along the way. Completely forgot about it until I was…

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