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SVH TV Series Episode 19-Kidnapped Part 1

I wish I could provide screen caps from the episode. I know there is a website out there devoted to Todd and Liz that has Todd and Liz related screen caps from this episode. I think its called Everlasting.

I got this from YouTube so its not mine. BTW there a chopped up clip from Part 3 when the movie ends and it goes to a list of movies you can see next. Somebody thought it was a great idea to post this as porn. Dumbasses.

This is Sweet Valley High TV series episode 19 (in production order) Kidnapped (no exclamation point), Part 1

Scene 1 Moon Beach Café:
Winston needs Elizabeth’s, who is in Candy Striper uniform next to Jerk-Ass-Todd, help about what to give his mother for her birthday. She suggest he’d make something, he doesn’t want to top last years Macaroni Necklace. Liz’s suggest he cook a homemade birthday cake. Liz ditches her Friday night at the movies with Todd to make the birthday cake. “We can watch a movie anytime.” Says Liz. Todd: Why can’t he make Ravioli earrings? Who the hell makes Italian noodles as jewelry in high school? What a dork! And Todd and Liz are together 24/7 can’t they be separate for a couple of hours so Liz can help a friend?

Jessica enters and Liz tells Jess that Jeremy Frakes is admitted to the hospital because of a skinning accident. Jessica tells the gang that the co-host is leaving the show and she hopes to be a co-host. Well, Jess if your living in Sweeeeeeeeeeet Valley those chances are 99.9% likely to happen then disappear by the next story. Just like Liz’s candy striping job…oops, spoiler. Jessica wants to see him but Liz says only hospital personal and family can see him. Jess begs Liz and she says no. Why is Liz telling Jessica this? Well beside the obvious plot point. Unless its on The Insider shouldn’t that have been kept under wraps. Liz is such an idiot. She knows Jessica wants to see him and would do anything to see him so why did she tell.

Jessica on why she should be a talk show host: “People love me. They open up to me. I’m a really good listener.”
Winston: Jess—
Jessica: Shut up! I’m talking!

Oprah Winfrey has nothing on Jessica Wakefield **rolleyes**

Scene 2 SV Community Hospital
The studio is pressuring Jeremy to pick a co-host for his show but he ain’t having it. He needs to recover first. Liz comes in with newspapers…and a box of pizza for him.
Jeremy: I swear Liz you are heaven sent!
She mentions she could get into a lot of trouble for this. He offers her a piece but she has to go. For dinner, Philly Cheesesteak Extra cheese. Puleeze, I get the best Cheesesteaks since I am FROM Philly.
Anyway, that’s our St. Liz all right. But this niceness will probably get her into a lot of trouble.
Liz runs into a guy’s cart. A nurse scolds him (his name is Peter) for not being careful but in true Liz form she blames herself because she hit him first. Actually, they both weren’t watching where they were going form my eyes. Liz helps out and tells him that they should put a stoplight at this intersection. Peter is charmed by her joke. She introduces herself and says she hopes she didn’t get him in trouble. He says its okay. Then there is a shot of Peter going to pick up the scissors and there is creepy music. So GUYSSS HE”S NOT WHAT HE SEEMS!!! Peter leaves.

The nurse comes in with a group of new candy stripers. She introduces her as an outstanding volunteer. Liz gives this advice: Don’t nap on the operating table, you might wake up without your kidney. AH, HA HA HA HA . Whatever, Liz.

Another JESS-I-ME Moment:
Jessica to Liz after she discovers she’sone of the new Candy Stripers: No pay, sick people, and sensible shoes? How could I resist?
We know her true motives

Scene 3 Wakefield House
Short scene where Liz and Winston are dancing around the kitchen and Todd is being pissy about it because they are having fun and he’s not. And there is no icing on the cake for Todd to lick off. Liz and Winston ever sing about it:
We said were sorry we ain’t got no frosting!
Yeah Todd is a jerk. My friend says down with Todd. I agree.

Scene 4 Hospital
Jessica comes into Jeremy’s room as he is watching a show that has to do with alien transvestites or something. Jeremy thinks she’s Liz but Jess corrects him. His line, “I might have to injure myself more often.” EW. Jessica wants an autograph but it turns out to be her headshot. Jessica has a resume? I bet its Britany Daniel’s. Wait I forgot about the many shots of stardom the twins had. My only shots were a fashion show at Fashion Bug and the many school plays I did, stupid fictional high school student. Jessica tries to prove to him that she can be a star by turning on his show but the remote is to his bed. Liz and the Supervisor come in and stop the bed from crushing Jeremy further. The nurse tells Liz that this is her ward and nobody should be let in and gives Jessica bedpan duty at the geriatric ward. EW! Liz escorts Jess out and tells Jess that being a candy striper Is about helping other people, not helping yourself. Jessica’s response: Thank you St. Liz. HA! She warns Jess to stay off her ward. Liz sure is bossy for somebody who won’t have this job for long.

Scene 5: Hospital (well they showed the establishing shot so I assume its another scene)
Liz is supposed to be filing but somebody did it for her. If you haven’t figured out who it is by now you must reread the entire recap up to this point. Todd comes in with this hokey line:
Todd: Hey Doc, I have this problem with my lips could you check them out?
Liz’s line instead of kissing him: I don’t know are you insured?
You know I should use that line on a doctor just to see if he kisses me. Nah.
Then they kiss and they move out the way so we could see Creepy Peter. Looking at them.

Jess sneaks past the nurses station with a pitcher filled with ice cold water to go to Jeremy’s room. She see's the nurse giving a sponge bath to Jeremy and Jess sees Jeremy's package and spills ice cold water all over it.

Gives new meaning to cold shower. I should do that to any guy who wants to…too much information.

The nurse fires Jessica from being a candy striper.

Peter looks up a file in the filing room in the hospital. I assume its Liz’s but my TV doesn’t come in clear enough.

Scene 6: MBC
Winston sits next to Liz before Todd can. He even takes the plate of milkshakes from him. The expression on Todd’s face says it all.

Winston gives Liz a friendship bracelet for being a good friend to him. Todd is obviously jealous about it saying its just string. I love friendship bracelets, Todd, so STFU! Todd is acting all jealous and leaves. What a jerk.

Scene 7: Wakefield House
Liz finds flowers on her doorstep and thinks they are from Todd. If you don’t know who sent them to her by now stop reading this recap for a while and come back and read it all over again. So Liz, since you think they are from Todd, you have to read the recap all over.

Jess’s Room:
Lila, who has heard of Jess’s plan to get Jeremy to be her talk show co-host, call’s Jess pathological when Jess thinks she’s ambitious for going back to the hospital to force Jeremy to be her co-host. Jess makes Lila a sweet deal of having her own gossips part of the show if she gets the job. She tells Lila to bring as many girls for an open audition at the hospital so Jess can eliminate the competition. I don’t get it either but don’t worry you’ll understand later.

The Kitchen:
Todd comes in and Liz thanks him for the flowers. The catch. They weren’t from him. Todd convinces Liz they were from Winston. Of course! How could I have guest it! You have some creepy guy doing work for you and watching you and your best friend is the one sending you flowers. Dumbass. Now this next scene should seal the deal for Liz…right?

Scene 8: Hospital
Liz is getting hospital stuff from the closet and Peter offers to help her. He tells her “You smell pretty.” EWWWWWWWW!!!! So Liz, that should seal the deal, right? Liz questions her Supervisor, Nurse Shelby about Peter but she says he’s harmless. Of course, Liz believes her. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.
Scene 9: MBC
Todd confronts Winston about sending the flowers to Liz. I guess he confronted him before because he starts with “Just admit it you sent those roses.” Winston claims he didn’t. Todd, your gd jealously is getting the better of you. Winston is your friend, why don’t you believe him. Stupid fictional teens. Winston agrees with me and walks out.
We get a Todd punch. He punches the table. LOL!!! Todd Punch!!

Scene 10: Hospital
Liz is there alone (I know this is TV but shouldn’t there be overnight nurses there. I was hospitalized and there were nurses there all night) and the camera closes in on her like somebody is watching. I’m a film student so I know these things, even if you don’t study film you know these things. I think. Its Peter staring down at her. She brushes it off and says she has to leave.

Jessica comes in with her candy striper outfit (I swear she has to give that back but this is TV.) Jessica whistles Lila and the other girls (extras and Patty, who I consider an extra) to come in. Jess goes into Jeremy’s room and he begs for mercy. Jess says she’s not there to hurt him, she’s here to help him. Jeremy refuses. Jess warns Jeremy that there are a huge number of co-host wannabe’s (how 90’s) there to meet him. Jeremy says he need’s Jess’s help and that he will do anything even let her co-host the show.

So there is this sequence that I want to tape off of my video camera but I don't feel like uploading it to a website. Basically Lila gets the girls to chase Jessica and Jeremy but they get duped by them. Its a scooby doo moment basically. It ends with Jess switching Jeremy with another patient.

So Jessica asks if she could be his co-host and Jeremy replies with this:
Look Jessica be realistic, you’re 16, you have no experience. How could you co-host my show? I’m sorry I just can’t risk it.
What about the soap operas? The commercials? She dated a star. WTF JEREMY!!!
An orderly comes in and says he’s going to get a baboon’s heart. Is this Ceaders-Saini? So Jess let’s Jeremy get a baboon’s heart (since he switched rooms with another guy.) He begs Jessica for mercy and even says he will let her co-host the show. She tells the orderly the real person getting the baboon’s heart is on an elevator.

This next part describes Jessica to a T:
Jeremy: Jessica, you are one of the most ruthless, conniving, manipulative people I have ever met!

Then he tells her she got the job. Natch.

Final scene: Outside MBC
Todd goes on about how Winston lied about sending Liz roses. Liz says then maybe he didn’t. Todd is all like: Friends don’t send friends roses. It sounds like a new club. Liz finds a note on the Jeep. Todd snatches it from her before she could read it. It says:
Friendship is not enough
I dream about you
And I love you

Its unsigned. Would Winston send something like that? Todd thinks so. But Liz’s says its not Winston’s handwriting. Todd gets all pissy and Liz says she’ll take care of Winston. I hate Todd in this episode. So they go into the Jeep and we find out who the letter is from:


To be continued!!!!


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