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Cover Model [Apr. 10th, 2013|07:35 pm]

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I had been looking through many of the SVT covers posted here, and I kept staring at the Wakefield twins, because I realized that I knew the model. Then I remembered that I went to high school with a girl named Kim Matulova, who was a couple of grades under me - and that she was the model. I'm proud of her! She's been modeling since middle school; we all knew she would do extremely well. So now I'm hoping to get my hands on the books that feature her on the cover.

These are some images I found via Google that most closely matches how she looks on the covers:

It's been a few years, but I'm glad I recognized her. She was always very good at "fluid" poses, like the ones for the Sweet Valley books.
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Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper #3: The Case of the Haunted Camp [Apr. 7th, 2013|09:06 pm]

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I went to a library sale today and you'll never guess what gem I found. Please imagine that I am Barney in this gif and you are the gang:


But, wait. Maybe you're new to the community and you don't know what a "Super Snooper" is. Well, remember how SVH and SVT had random mystery books that often got weird?

The "Super Snooper" is the junior version of that. So the cases have to be even dumber and the parents have to be even more clueless. It is amazing. Once there was an alien princess, I kid you not. And often Santa is involved. (Yeah, apparently Santa loses shit left and right in Sweet Valley.)

Alas, this one doesn't have aliens or santa. It is a ghost story. The Case of the Haunted Camp. Insert spooky sound effects here!

Super Snooper #3: The Case of the Haunted CampCollapse )
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SVH Nails! [Mar. 17th, 2013|11:23 am]

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A wonderful, smart, creative Etsy user has made Sweet Valley High nail decals. So you can give Suzanne Devlin the middle finger!

I really think everyone should buy them!
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Tales of a Ghost Writer [Feb. 26th, 2013|09:48 pm]


There's an article in the Kenyon Review by one of the ghostwriters of Sweet Valley High (Amy Boesky, author of What We Have).

My favorite part is when she admits she didn't know what a lavaliere was.

I would love to know what she thinks of "Rags to Riches" upon rereading it!
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Todd Wilkins on the new All My Children? [Feb. 25th, 2013|06:22 pm]

"Ryan Bittle has been cast as JR Chandler in All My Children's Internet revival. Bittle previously appeared as Logan on AMC in 2010. JR was last portrayed by Jacob Young."
"Bittle, meanwhile, joins All My Children with experience in several soapy primetime programs, including Buffy: The Vampier Slayer, Dawson's Creek, 7th Heaven, and Sweet Valley High. "


I've not watched All My Children. Does JR frequently hit people?
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SVU #50: Summer of Love [Feb. 12th, 2013|02:30 pm]

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Truth be told, I went to retrieve this book from my local op shop for one reason and one reason only: I had to know how the ghostwriter was going to sum up the, er, events of the last book. I mean, Tom showed his undercarriage to a stadium full of unsuspecting Chicagoans, and I could simply not live another day without knowing how they were going to explain what they made him do. Spoiler: they don't explain, at all. Instead of rehashing all the crazy shit Tom did last time, they decided to just make him do more crazy shit in this one.

The thing that really pushed me over the edge is the blurb for the C plot: "Tom Watts and Todd Wilkins -- best buddies? Absolutely!" Read into that: Tom and Todd, the untapped comedy resource of the century, will be buddy-vibin' again in this book! Sold, Francine. Sold.

summer of love

That's Liz and (presumably) Sam frolicking up there on the cover. Bonus fact: I Googled Sam's Secret Love Diary to see whether or not they used the same cover model for both, and noticed in the image search that the picture they use for Jessica on her Love Diary is from this shoot. Having recapped a ridiculous amount of TV episodes, I'm an expert at telling the Daniel twins apart (also, they're not identical), and I've no doubt that it's Cynthia Daniel up there...which means that they put a picture of Elizabeth on the front cover of Jessica's Love Diary. Talk about a spotlight-hog.

Bonus fact #2: I went to the 1bruce1 recap of Jessica's Secret Love Diary to see if anyone else noticed, and apparently this is information I already knew:


Weird. The Ghost of Hellobrisvegas Past would be terribly upset that I don't listen when she talks. Or even types.

Tom Watts, we hardly knew ye.Collapse )

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Anyone in LA? [Feb. 10th, 2013|05:30 pm]


I read this article in The Atlantic about a young adult literature themed art show in LA. Apparently some of the art is Sweet Valley inspired.

The show runs until Feb 23 (which is my birthday, in case you want to get me anything) at 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Open Wed - Sun: 11 AM - 6 PM.

Can anyone go and report back?

Under the cutCollapse )
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Don't eat meat, but she sure like the bone [Feb. 8th, 2013|07:19 pm]

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As someone who is both snarky and a vegetarian (a snark-a-tarian?) I am always amused by the portrayals of vegetarian characters in 80's and 90's YA Lit- I'm looking at you, Dawn Schafer!  Of course, they also made the Wakefield twins vegetarian in the SVH sitcom, which fans didn't care for, as it was yet another way in which the show deviated from the book series.  Which led me to think:  What if, for one book, they actually were veg?  The foolishness under the cut is what I think would happen.

Sweet Valley High Special Edition: Eat Your Heart OutCollapse )
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SVU #49: Stranded [Jan. 31st, 2013|10:49 pm]

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So this book is the second in the Road Trip miniseries, which sees the Wakefields join an Amazing Race-style televised competition across America in Winnebagos full of college students from all corners of the country. This is the miniseries that introduces us to Liz's new love interest/worst enemy Sam Burgess, and also Jessica's fabulous gay best friend, Neil Martin.


A very important note: the first book is tedious. (But the recap is masterful.) The first chapter of this book is also tedious. Then, out of nowhere, it gets uncharacteristically awesome. There is hardly any plot to speak of, but somehow hilarity well and truly ensues...and not to spoil anything for you, but for that we can thank Elvis Presley and two young gentlemen with the initials T.W.


Fun game: see if you can guess in which famous landmark Jessica has sex.Collapse )

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Diablo Cody on Sweet Valley High Film [Jan. 28th, 2013|07:43 pm]


ETonline: What excited you about the stories you could tell with Sweet Valley High?
Cody: It's about the polarity of the good girl versus the bad girl, which is something I played with a bit in Jennifer's Body. I'm just fascinated by the way women are put into boxes in our culture. The Sweet Valley High books are about Jessica and Elizabeth, these identical twins; one is the perfect straight-A, ambitious good-goody and the other is this really selfish bitch who tends to have a lot more fun. In the books, they frequently switch places and adopt the other's identity. I thought that was a fun idea -- especially, like, in a big, fun, pop-y movie with songs that people can enjoy as hilarious eye candy on a superficial level or on a deeper level exploring some more of those themes.

ETonline: >The books were published over the span of 20 years; did you have a hard time deciding which time period to set your movie in?
Cody: No, I knew it had to be 80's because, hello, I love the 80's. Also, I had read all of the books, but one stuck with me. There was a book [Dear Sister, published in 1984] I loved and read the most that involved Elizabeth going into a coma and waking up from her coma and acting like Jessica. I thought we could have a lot of fun with that. Cuz, what happens when you establish which twin you are and then your twin decides, "No I'm going to be that twin." It made for a great screenwriting experience.

ETonline: In terms of casting, are you looking for twins or are you going to pull a Social Network with one actor and face replacement surgery?
Cody: It’s funny, we bring up Armie Hammer all the time. In a way, it would be easier to find the one perfect girl and pull the Winklevoss technique on her. On the other hand, there's something really fun about searching for the perfect twins. The decision hasn't been made yet.

-- From Entertainment Tonight Online
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