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[sticky post] Admin: Recap List [Jan. 22nd, 2013|09:56 pm]

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I would like to find a new place to host the list of completed recaps because ours is now too long for LiveJournal, and we can't add to it. I was making additions on the website for a time, but that's gone now too.

Books that have not been recapped are just numbers, have not been done (To save space, since LJ has a limit, I removed the TV and misc recaps--they can still be found in our profile--and I have stopped linking additional recaps of the same books.)

Please let me know if I am missing any recaps you've done or read!

Below the CutCollapse )
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23 Times “Sweet Valley High” Was Basically Porn [Mar. 1st, 2015|09:53 pm]


So Buzzfeed seems to like to compare sex and SVH
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Buzzfeed's 22 times “Sweet Valley High” Covers Summed Up Sex In Your Twenties [Dec. 2nd, 2014|05:27 pm]


Too funny!

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SVT for Newbery [Oct. 17th, 2014|08:29 pm]

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This is an old article, but I just read that Newbery winner Katherine Applegate wrote "around 17 Sweet Valley Twins."

So now I'm imagining the SVT books with the medal on the cover and it's making me laugh!
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Notice something in an older SVH [Oct. 1st, 2014|05:34 pm]
My collection of books is a mishmash of mostly older books bought really cheap and a few newer ones. I was flipping through the older ones just to see how far back they went. In the pile was a first edition of SVH #5 All Night Long.

I was looking at the previews of the upcoming books - one was to be churned out every month - and noticed something odd.

Yep, Dear Sister with another title. IMO, a much better title.
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SVJH #29 - He's the One [Aug. 27th, 2014|03:51 am]

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I want to say that I dug this book out of a box in my closet or something, but it was actually sitting right on my bookshelf, along with the rest of the series. I am very grown-up.

So SVJH is somewhat maligned, for multiple reasons: its attempts to be hip to the early 2000s, its introduction of new characters that no one really cares about, and its general lack of continuity with SVH (which technically comes right after it). However, in this book, Jess makes Liz promise something ridiculous and Liz doormats, then cheats on her boyfriend. So if you've perhaps felt alienated by this series, rest assured that we are in familiar territory.

By the way, Liz's headband looks way uncomfortable. Why were comb teeth headbands ever a thing? And I think they switched up the Salvador model, for like, the last cover he appears on.

''How can Blubba - er, I mean, Bubba - ever compare to that man of men, Sam?' Ellen wondered.'Collapse )
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2014|11:40 am]

Anyone have Sweet Valley Jr High #29 (He's the One)? We have a request for a recap!
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I had to be Winston :| [Apr. 1st, 2014|11:52 am]

The Obligiotory Buzzfeed "Which Character Are You" Quiz
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Sweet Valley High Playing with Fire (2008) [Mar. 3rd, 2014|08:55 pm]

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I’m going through my bookshelves and found the re-issue of “Playing with Fire.” I think it’s been done before, but that's not stopped me before.
So here we goCollapse )
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SVH article in The Believer [Jan. 15th, 2014|04:15 pm]


There is an article about Sweet valley High in The Believer. I thought you might enjoy.

Here's a quote:

The truth is, Elizabeth is a horrible bore. She’s supposed to be the smart twin, but Jessica is actually much more intelligent.

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